Crane Shapefile Data Now Available!!

Texas County GIS Data are pleased to announce that we have completed the first complete mapping shapefile of Crane County including oil well data. Crane County is one of the largest oil-producing counties in Texas and by the end of 1990, over 1.5 billion barrels of oil had been produced from the land since oil was discovered in 1926. The mapping of the shapefile layer has been produced by the team first hand and is not for sale.

Data for the county map was originally drawn in Autocad before a lengthy conversion into mapping parcels, which included manual cleansing and cross referencing with deeds in order to ensure the map data was accurate. We added the PID (property identity number) data to the maps; in the case of rural areas, some land has multiple PIDs depending on the legal acreage. The team split each parcel up by the PID so that the data is fully searchable. This PID has also been overlaid onto the parcel map. Finally, the GIS team added abstract, school, city limits and of course, oil well point data in order to complete the information.

This Crane County GIS and Property Data is only available here for direct download, this data was produced by our team first hand and can not be resold.

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